Company Goals

  • Creating active and efficient companies in different fields of agriculture
  • Investing and implementing optimal plans in planting, processing and packaging of medicinal plants
  • Trading and providing commercial services in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture
  • Active participation in domestic and foreign fairs of agriculture and related industries to enhance productivity
  • Continuous growth of knowledge-based activities in related fields
  • Expanding profitable economic activities in related fields

Mission Statement

  Basir Agricultural Development Group relies on the following elements of its mission statement, relying on customer-centric and market-oriented services in the field of agriculture:
  • Effective management of technical, administrative, financial and personnel services
  • Effective human resource development management
  • Optimizing investment through R&D to serve the interests of all stakeholders
  • Adopting the standards required for domestic and international markets
  • Develop partnerships at all organizational levels
  • Sustainable and cost-effective management of land and water resources
  • Manage continuous monitoring of performance
  • Maintain and reinforce a commitment to income and profitability

Vision Statement

Basir Agricultural Development Group, relying on the infinite grace of Almighty God, with the support of a skilled and experienced human resource, with sustained activities and adding long term value to its stakeholders by working in commercial and productive fields in various agricultural sectors including agriculture, horticulture, Floral cultivation, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, greenhouse crops, animal husbandry, aquaculture and related conversion industries, by the way to create value, develop social justice and create productive prosperity, will be  as one of the top ten agricultural companies in the country until 2030.

Our values